#11 : Breakfast At Saks

Well firstly, this blog called Breakfast at Saks is really caught my attention. Ashley is a girl from New York and have very chic and edgy style . She's been featured in many press so I'm so honored that she wanted to do this interview.

Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
My best beauty secret is to drink tons of water! It keeps your skin
hydrated and healthy looking. If you don't like plain water, add lemon
or a bit of juice to a water bottle to make it more tasty.

What do you take with you on vacation?
I haven't gone on a vacation in so long! But if I was packing for one,
I would be sure to bring a pair or two of comfortable flats so I could
walk around and see the sights without killing my feet.

Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you?
My old standbys are Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, I find endless
inspiration looking through pictures of their style throughout the

What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
My old college sweatpants, they are all torn up and ratty but I can't
bring myself to get rid of them! I wear them as PJ's every night.

Your favorite designers and brands?
I am an H&M addict, I'm sure half my wardrobe is from that store! But
when I have a little extra money, I love Elizabeth & James and Marc

Your best fashion buy
My Balenciaga bag, I found it on ebay for a steal, and every time I
pick it up I can't help but smile.

Something that you really wanted but haven't got it
Another Balenciaga bag probably! It's true that once you're introduced
to Balenciaga it becomes an addiction!

Where are your favorite places to shop?
My favorite store is H&M, but I mostly prefer to shop online. I love
hunting for deals on ebay. And my favorite shoe site is Solestruck.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?
I would love to go to Paris and just sit outside at a cafe and people watch.

You can't leave house without..
My Burt's Bees pomegranate lip gloss!


  1. She has really sweet style. xoxo

  2. Love your pictures!!

    It 'll be a pleasure for me to be on your blog!!!



  3. Thanks you guys! And thanks to Rika for featuring me! :)



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