#37 : Frank Vinyl

Fransesca from Frank Vinyl : " I am a graphic design student living in San Diego, Cali. I studied fashion design for a year so have a background in sewing and designing. I come from Mexican and German decent but grew up here in California. I really love Graphic design and hope to get my foot in the door somewhere as a photographer or stylist. I have lived in San Diego all my life but spent years traveling to places such as paris, chile and mexico. It's hard for me to stay in one place because I am so fickle and love to learn new things and meet new people. Fashion has always been a part of my life and I started blogging about a year ago. Now I finnally have a place to let out all my inspiration and feed my creativity.  I love to spend my days taking pictures, editing them, designing things, painting and doing anything basically that works as an outlet for my creative side. I am strongly influenced by music so I feel alot of what I wear is inspired by what I am currently listening to. I have been accused of wearing completly different styles which I think is because I always wear whatever I feel like wearing. If one day I am feeling more serious I will dress preppy and more clean cut while the next day I can dress more bohemian and kinda unkept. I wear whatever I am feeling in the day and try to say something about my overall vibe with my clothes.  I am inspired by everything I see, feel and hear and believe fashion is more than just trends. I believe fashion is the best way to express yourself and let others know a little bit about what you are like."

1.Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
I try to keep my makeup very natural unless it is a big event. I like to keep my face free from chemicals and try not to cover up my pores. I think its important to let your skin breathe. When girls wear too much makeup, it just looks like they are trying to hide something.
I think the best beauty secret of mine is to use as little of everything as possible. The best advice I ever heard was a quote I once read by Coco Chanel which said "before you head out the door, take one thing off". I practically live by this, every day before I head out I take one more look and ask myself what I can get rid of. 

2.What do you take with you on vacation?
My black leggings from american apparel are always the first thing in my suitcase. They go with everything possible. They can be dressed up, dressed down and take up little space in the suitcase.  I love how easy these are to style. If I am going on an airplane to somewhere semi cold I love my Micheal Kors fur vest. I love how I can wear it as a blanket in the cold airplane and just throw it on over anything at night to keep warm. 

3. Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you?
I really love Nicole Richie. Her style is so inspiring! I love that boho/hippie glam look. If I had that much money I would also be wearing $200 kimono jackets all day long. What I love most about her style is its so effortlessly stylish and comfortable looking. I would have to say she has been a major inspiration to my style and overall feel of my outfits. Alexander wangs line right now is also driving me insane! I want to buy every piece...especially the reversable backpack and studded purses. 

4. What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
I don't think I would be able to live without my Fornarina jeans. I have these Fornarinas that I have had for about 5 years and they are now starting to tear. Soon I won't be able to wear them and I have been desperately looking all over the place! I have a small butt and wide hips so it's always hard to find the right fit jeans. For some reason Italian jeans always fit me! I love the way they stitch the pockets also... very flattering on the behind! I'm also sickly attached to my lace up grey boots by Charles David. They give the right amount of edge but still look beautiful with everything. I like how they can look good with almost everything.

5. 5 random facts about yourself. 
Some of my nicknames are : french, franchi, frank and chesca
I love hawaiian pizza
I watch Dazed and Confused way too many times a month
The sound of waves crashing instantly soothes me
I'm scared of aliens

6. Few things you really love about the place you live... 
It's never below 35 degrees, and rarely below 50.
I can be in the snow snowboarding or at the beach surfing within a matter of hours or minutes
The food is amazing..if you know where to go
My friends, family and boyfriend are here..and I wouldn't be able to live without them.  

7. Your favorite designers and brands? 
I have a huge obsession for freepeople and LF wish I could be their spokesperson to own all their clothes. I love J brand and Current Elliot Jeans and anything Winter Kate. As for high designers, Chanel is always a classic for purses. You can never go wrong with this. 

8. Your best fashion buy
My best buy was definately my Deena & Ozzy boots that I bought at Urban Outfitters. They are platformed black laced ankle boots that I wear anywhere and everywhere! I love them because they are rediculously comfortable and go with everything. I bought them only 6 or so months ago and they are already in need for a shoe repair. I'm debating whether I should go buy new ones before I can't find anymore! 

9. Something that you really wanted but haven't got it
I just posted on my blog how much I have been wanting a kimono Jacket from Winter Kate of GirlonAVine. I really love how they look and how they move when you walk. I haven't gotten around to it because they are so expensive.. but everytime I see someone wear one I regret not buying one! I really think by the end of this month I will be a proud owner! 

10. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Theres this place in Northpark here in SD that is called 'Hunt & Gather'. My boyfriend took me there a couple months ago and now I am obsessed. Its a small boutique with beautiful hand made jewelery and vintage looking finds. Besides this place I really love thrift shops because you always find the most interesting looking pieces. LF is always a winner... there is a boutique here in San Diego and everytime I go I want to buy the whole store.  

11.If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?
I have been wanting to go to Brazil for a while now. I love the heat, love the beach and I think portuguese is soo sexy! I could listen to that language all day long. Of course the clothing and the accessories over there would have me broke! Love the bathingsuits and beachy vibe they have going.  

12.What are your beauty and makeup must haves?
I need to have a good Mascara ( love stilas mascara.. makes my eyelashes look extra long and feathery) and a good conditioner.  

13.What is your favorite thing(s) to eat?
Im a sucker for french fries. These are my ultimate favorite but I also need to be careful because  sometimes I can't stop eating them! Burger Lounge and In n Out are also my top faves. I normally eat very healthy  because it makes me feel good and healthy but I can't help but indulge in some greasy goodness every once in a while.  

14.You can't leave house without..
My black big rimmed hat. My stepdad gave me this hat and I love it because it shelters me from the rain (which can happen out of nowhere here in san diego) and also shields me from the sun. It looks good with practically everything. I always leave this hat in my car just incase ...especially if I have a bad hair day and don't want anyone to notice.  Another thing is my Canon Rebel. I never leave my house without my camera because in the past, I have regretted it! You never know when a good opportunity for a picture will be. 

15.What are some of your favorite blog ?
My favorite blogs are without a doubt Fashiontoast and glamourai. Fashiontoast is slowly losing my interest but glamourai has me following daily! That girl has effortless and very unique style. Love her! I've also recently found out about purse n' boots who has amazing style and great pictures. Really love her stuff!!

16.Quick questions : 
mascara .. not a foundation kinda girl 
both?!! together? yes.  


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