#42 : Mrs. Mode

Elisa from Mrs. Mode "I’m Spanish I’m studying at university. I love fashion, music, films, my boyfriend, and I’m addicted to a lot of tv series. I would love to travel around the world to send postcards to “my best” who lives in Alaska =D My blog is who I am."

1.Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
I never go to bed with my make up, for a normal day I only use lip balm and a little bit of blush and I always use oil-free make up. For keep my hair hydrating I use conditioner once a week.

2.What do you take with you on vacation?
 My camera, my blackberry, iPod, a book, sunglasses and a pair of jeans.

3. Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you? 
Kate Moss (of course), Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and the street style blogs.

4. What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without? 
My jeans and all of my shoes!!

5. 5 random facts about yourself. 

A few years ago I used to wear black clothes all time.
I love shoes.
I like driving.
I’m in love with Judas song from Lady Gaga right now!!
My favourite film of all times is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

6. Few things you really love about the place you live...
 I don’t like so much the place where I live but I like that is very near to Madrid and is a quiet place.

7. Your favorite designers and brands?
 Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hunter, UGG, Zara, TopShop…

8. Your best fashion buy 
my Hunter boots

9. Something that you really wanted but haven't got it
 a 2.55 Chanel bag and the Arty ring by YSL (It’s simply amazing)

10. Where are your favorite places to shop? 
Zara, Pull and Bear, Hollister & Co, Abercrombie & Fitch, Primark and H&M. For beauty and make up I always go to Sephora.

11.If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?
 I’ll go to New York and London, I think they are the best cities around the world.

12.What are your beauty and makeup must haves?
 For beauty the natural lip balm from Carmex, my Avene’s lotion with high sun protection and the Dr. Feelgood blam from benefit. For my makeup, pink lipstick from Sephora, Kiko’s nailpolishes and the Gorgeus foundation from Benefit.

13.What is your favorite thing(s) to eat?
 Smoothies and all kind of cheese.

14.You can't leave house without.. 
my blackberry, my purse and lip balm.

15.What are some of your favorite blog ?

16.Quick questions : 
-heels/flats FLATS
-mascara/foundation FOUNDATION, I still get acne although I’m 21
-denim/sheer DENIM


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