#69 : Style of a Fashionista

from Style of a Fashionista : "My name is Giselle and I work as a Manager in a Department Store in the UK.  I am surrounded by beautiful clothes everyday and I get to see things before they hit the stores. I love my job and feel lucky that I do something I enjoy and now I have my blog which is a fabulous way to record my thoughts and outfits and get to share ideas with like minded people.  "

1.Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
My beauty secret would be SPF50 as an ex Beauty Therapist the sun is the biggest cause of premature aging and I think it is important to look after the skin on your face. As for style tips just be yourself and wear what makes you feel confident their is no point wearing the lastest trend if you dont like how it looks on you or you feel uncomfortable.

2.When did you first fall in love with fashion ?
I have been in love with fashion as far back as I can remember my mum has stories of me when I was three refusing to wear certain things mainly trousers and picking my own outfits.

3.What inspired you to start your own blog?
I had so many clippings from magazines for inspiration and a style book with outfit ideas that I decided it would be a lot easier to record all this in a blog.

4.What makes you a successful blogger ?
Awww that is so sweet I just make sure that I keep my post regular as readers get used to how often you post and keep my readers interested with outfits, DIY's and styling ideas. I try to offer new things to them and not things that other blogs has posted or talked about.
5.What are your dreams and aspirations?
I would love to own my own vintage store in the town where I live.

6. What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
Denim cutt offs in the summer and leather pants in the winter they are my staples and everything always works with them

7. Your best fashion buy
Has to be a western style belt that I won on ebay for £1.99 I had been searching everywhere for one and was so excited when I won it. It goes with everything.

8. Something that you really wanted but haven't got it
A pair of JC Litas I think I am the only blogger on the planet that does not own a pair. I always seem to miss out on them they sell out so quick.

9. Where are your favorite places to shop?
 Topshop H&M and ASOS because they stock a wide range of brands such as Aqua, Oh My Love & Style Stalker which are my favourites,  

10.If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?
California for sure I love the sea the life style and the vintage shopping look pretty awesoem too.

11.What are your beauty and makeup must haves?
A good liquid eyeliner I am into winged eye make up at the moment.

12.What is your favorite thing(s) to eat?
I love anything Italian my mum is italian and I have pretty much been brought up on italian food. I could get my mums pasta and meatballs all day everyday

13.You can't leave house without..
My iphone I would be lost without it.

14.What are some of your favorite blog ?
I love Oracle Fox, Fashion Fades, Jean Greige, Carolines Mode is pretty cool for fashion must haves.

15.Quick questions : 


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