#168 : AnnaMidday

Name : Anna 
Social Site : lookbook , livejournal
About : "Hi! My name is Anna, I live in snow and cold Russia and drinking warming cocktails along with the bears :) Joke! Russia is indeed a very cold country, but bears doesn’t walk on the streets of the cities, believe me;) I am 25, I am PR-manager and working in an architectural company. Since fashion has always been my passionate hobby, more than a year ago, I started a blog AnnaMidday devoted not only a stories about my style, but also sports, travel (I travel a lot, along with a beloved man and photo spread with a detailed story in a blog), cooking and books. Come for a visit, I hope you enjoy it! "

Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?
The most important secret, and I never tire of repeating it – is smile. Smile more often and I am sure, all the troubles will pass you :)

When did you first fall in love with fashion ?
Perhaps, like most the girls I carefully watched my mother in my childhood, when she was going to a party, and then dressed up in her clothes, and was wearing with lipstick. Since then, fashion and style is all for me :)

What inspired you to start your own blog? At one point, there was a desire to tell others about my style and maybe help those who can’t decide on the choice of style or even in-combinations of clothes.

What is the story behind your blog's name ?
First, I have got two blogs - AnnaMidday and AnnaMidnight. The first one blog was updated at noon, and the second - at midnight. In the first blog I wrote about light and good events, and in the second - all that I get upset and worried. But it is so good that bad events in my life is less and less, so now I only write the blog AnnaMidday :)

Who usually took your pictures ? Usually, my boyfriend, but sometimes professional photographers

What are your dreams and aspirations? My main dream - to achieve world peace. Want the kids to all the earth could get an education, medical care, and, of course, food.

What do you take with you on vacation? Photo-camera, sunglasses, hats and smile :)

What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without? Dresses. I can’t live without dresses and I can’t count how many dresses in my wardrobe :)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why? I can’t say I love any place in the world more than others. If it were possible, I would have been traveling throughout the year across the world :)

What are your beauty and makeup must haves?Always carry in my bag:  mascara and lipstick, and, of course, love the perfumes :)

Your favorite magazine is 
Vogue, National geographic

What makes you laugh ? When my boyfriend  kisses me in the morning, trying to wake me up :)

What was the last thing you bought ? New phone. Iphone :)

If your life could be a film, which would it be ? It would be a romantic story about travel, adventure and love :) That’s all I love!

Who would you like to be reincarnated as ? I am happy with my life and I want to live it and not someone else's :)


  1. I like your blog!
    Follow you :)

  2. Anna , your bag is excellent. and elegant fashion statement of yours.

  3. i really love the sandal shea wear also her dress...

  4. Your dress are very fine. I like this so much.


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