#171 : Charmaines' Closet

Name : Charmaine
Social Site : blog , tumblr
AboutI'm a British blogger, recently turned 17. You can also find me through my instagram at: @charmaine_cowland . My style is based on my mood, some days I'm dressed all in black and leather, other days it's lace and a satchel.. Some days it's a bit of both! Feel free to check it out!
Who usually takes your pictures?
My younger sister, she always moans how much of a chore it is and i always have to result in paying her or bribing her.. I think it's about time i invest in a tripod! But she does well, after all the fuss, and without her i wouldn't have any pictures to blog, so i shouldn't really be complaining!

What are your dreams and aspirations?
Blog wise, i wish to reach the level of blogging in comparison to the ones i read. To maybe one day receive an invite from Motel Rocks to view their season preview! Or to attend the Cosmo Blog awards! They're to main things I'd honestly aim for..
Personally.. I dream/hope to finish the next two years with great A Levels! To attend University and again finish with high grades.. I'm not too sure on where i wish to head career wise yet, but again like everyone, i wish to be happy within my choice, and a substantial wage to fund all my shopping trips out! And throughout all this I still hope to have spare time to dedicate to my blog..

What is the one item in your wardrobe you can't live without?
Well within the colder seasons i would say my fur coat (faux). The UK is always ridiculously cold from October to around February so you really do need to wrap up warm! And with having a dog I'm out in all kinds of weather, trekking through fields with the wind and snow, my fur coat really is a life-saver! Besides that i probably would say anything with sequins and sparkles, i love all my embellished clothes, too much, dressing up just makes a day ten times better!

What inspired you to start your own blog?
I can across Lookbook.au and from their forum section i bumped into the world of blogging.. I instantly knew it was something i wanted to do! I love clothes and i love the idea with sharing your purchases with other people, receiving outfit idea's, all the lovely comments and feedbacks on outfits, and as a whole the great amount of fashion inspiration! I'm a girl who loves to dress up, with friends who moan that I'm never casual... so the whole idea of outfit posts really just seemed to fit in with who i am..

A few things i really love about the place i live..
Well i live in a small country village in the UK..
I love the view surrounding my house, the fact that i can walk out into fields and slight woodland. In the winter, when the snow finally settles it all looks so breath-takingly beautiful! I love the freedom of walking for miles on end with my dog, how peaceful it is, away from all the busy city traffic... I also love the fact that i have to travel to reach large towns, infact to reach anywhere, it makes everything such a big event, a good day trip out!

Your best fashion buy?
I know this is going to such an un-original reply..
but.. My Jeffrey Campbell Lita's! They are basically heaven for feet! With heels so high you'd expect a painful night of dancing, but because of the platform, they really are like walking around in flats all evening! And i know they are pricey, but the investment it worth it! I would also say my black tube maxi skirt.. it's such a basic piece meaning a branch full of outfit options! I can layer it up for a winter day paired with some boots, a fur coat, bright lips and hair in a top knot.. Or for an evening with a pair of Lita's, an embellished top, layers of jewelry  hair down a wavy.. It's perfect for summer with a pair of sandals and a light crop-top, or a bralet... honestly you can create hundreds of outfits with statement basics..

Where are you favourite places to shop?
First and for-most, Topshop! It's a shop that caters for so many styles! You can buy basics and knitwear, but then it also provides bright prints, quirky shapes and patterns, embellishment, accessories.. It's a shop that is always on trend, but adds a twist to it.. i can always find at-least 20 items i would love to buy everytime i visit, it's something that really screams out my style, i like to add a slight twist to outfits, it makes dressing up so much more fun! 
Location wise i would have to say London, not only are the shops ten times bigger than my local centre, but the people around you are so stylish, you receive so much inspiration whilst shopping! And i love to people watch, so nothing better than being able to combine the two!

What are your favourite things to eat?
I adore fish! Sadly only cooked though.. as much as i wish i could dine in Yo-Sushi i really don't like the taste.. Salmon, with risotto and salad, vwa-la! Perfection! I also love pasta too, any kind, in any form! My mum makes a mean pesto pasta! But i can't really say i have a favourite food... I pretty much eat anything (besides raw fish)...

What is your favourite magazine?
Company Magazine! You receive so much for two pounds, it's just a shame it's a monthly magazine.. I love the blog section, you discover so many talented people from it! And the clothes displayed within the magazine are always so lovely, it really does little favours for my bank balance! I love the style of the magazine, almost scrap-book like, it's written very well too, great humour also! I haven't read an issue yet that iv'e been disappointed with... i would really recommend it!

Something you really want but haven't got-
I'm guessing this is as in fashion/materialistic item reply?..
Hmm... There's nothing major than I'm lusting for, but i wouldn't mind a few more lipsticks, make-up wise, Mac or YSL.. Shoe wise i would love another pair of Jeffrey Campbells, not Lita's this time though, maybe a pair from the 'Damnsel' range? Ooh and i wouldn't mind a pair of boots from  Agyness Deyn's/Dr. Martins collaboration!

What sites do you visit everyday?
Well i don't really go on my computer everyday.. but the sites i view most would firstly be blogger.com; updating my blog and reading the many hundreds of talented bloggers i follow! I love browsing through tumblr for outfit inspirations/updating my tumblr... watching beauty/fashion guru's on Youtube, and browsing clothing stores... mainly Topshop, UO and Asos.

What was the last thing you bought?
Well last Wednesday my sixth form had a day off school so i traveled to London with some friends.. I bought; A glitter bodycon midi-dress, a pair of ombre embellished shorts, a striped velvet oversized top and a blue embellished top all from Topshop. Then we looked around Camden and i bought three silver rings from a stall.. and lastly a second addition to my JC Family... The black suede Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. (all in-which will be displayed on a blogspot post next week!)

5 random facts about yourself-
My favourite colour is gold; as in the vintage feel for gold (like an ornate mirror, haha!) 
I was born in 1995, so i am now in my first year of sixth form (further education) studying Biology, Psychology, English Literature and Maths!
I met Ellie Goulding, in London's Oxford Street Urban Outfitters changing rooms last month, first celebrity i've ever met, pretty happy with that!
I've been snowboarding for five years now (10-11 weeks), my whole family do too, including cousins, auntie's and uncles.. If i say so myself, we're pretty good, haha! It one of my most favourite things in the world to be doing..
The typical music i have on my ipod is anything R&B/rap.. It's very different from the rest of my friends who like 'you me at six' 'vampire weekend' 'two door cinema club'..
I on the other hand  adore eminem and can't nearly rap most of his 'recovery' album word for word.. 


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