#172 : The Voice of Fashion

NameDaphne Verhoeven
Social Site : blogger
About : "I'm Daphne Verhoeven, 17 years old fashion blogger from Portugal who loves clothes and photography"

When did you first fall in love with fashion ?
I have always been a girl who loved fashion, but mostly I was afraid to show my taste of style on school and other places so I always hidded under big sweaters and jeans. But I am finally wearing what I like and I don't care anymore what others think.

What inspired you to start your own blog?
As I was afraid to show my style outside my house, I wanted to begin a blog where I could show my style with no fears!

Who usually takes your pictures ? My mother or the self timer.

What do you take with you on vacation? 
Always my camera, music and a book... and clothes of course!

Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you? The Olsen twins and Miley Cyrus

Few things you really love about the place you live... The beaches, the weather, food and people.

Your favorite designers and brands? Obsession with NastyGal is the only thing I can say...

Something that you really wanted but haven't got it A light pink dress that I was going to wear to the wedding from my cousin.

Where are your favorite places to shop? H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull&Bear

If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why? Krabi cause I miss the monkeys on the beach!

What are your beauty and makeup must haves? Mascara and eyeliner!

What is your favorite thing(s) to eat? strawberries pancakes pasta chocolate...

You can't leave house without.. my phone and earphones

What sites do you visit everyday? lookbook.nu

Your favorite magazine is Dolly

What makes you laugh ? my boyfriend, family and friends

What was the last thing you bought ? food, but besides that, the sweater here (http://thevoice-offashion.blogspot.pt/2012/10/sweater-from-h-thights-from-primark.html)

If your life could be a film, which would it be ? Well I love Friends with Benefits...


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