#183 : Scott Terral Downey

Name : Scott Terral Downey
Social Site : blog
About : "So. My name is Scott Terral Downey, i'm 18 and I live in a small town in the south west of France. I blog about myself, my look and I will wan't talk about things whose inspire me. I'm a young student and a model. "

Have you got any beauty, makeup and hair tips and stylish secrets?  I do really care about my skin, it's really important for me so I use cream for the skin and I'm trying to sleep well and don't drink to much and eat healthy food. About my hair, I don't have a secret, it's natural and I use the hairspray to do my hairstyle.
When did you first fall in love with fashion ? I felt in love with fashion when I was 2 years old I started feeling that I needed to affirm myself and express my creativity. I was always love fashion.
What inspired you to start your own blog?  My friends pushed me to create my own blog and to do what I really like. And I say? Why not? and now I really do like blogging. 
Who usually took your pictures ? My sister and friends took me pictures.
What's on your iPod / DVD player at the moment ? At the moment, I'm listenning Empire of the Sun and Crystal Castles. 
What are your dreams and aspirations? My dreams are to be recognize for what I represent though my works and buy what I want (like clothes). But I just want to be happy all day of my life.
What do you take with you on vacation? I always take my camera and sunglasses Rayban. 
Which designers and/or celebrities most inspire you?  Valentino, DsQuared. and others great designers. But I do like having my own conception of my style. 
Your best fashion buy:  Ma Parka et and my boots ! 
Something that you really wanted but haven't got it? I want the world ! (ahah)
Where are your favorite places to shop?  Topman, Asos, Scotch & Soda. Friperies (vintages)
If you could go anywhere in the world, where? Why?   I would like to go to Tokyo, it seems to be an amazing city. I do want discover this place! 
You can't leave house without.. : I can't leave house without my watches, my computer and my clothes of course. 
What sites do you visit everyday?   I visited style's sites like Lookbook, Tumblr or I'm on facebook to follow some people that I like. 
Your favorite magazine is : I read the GQ's magazine since 2010 !
What was the last thing you bought ? My latest thing that I bought was my parka Dr Denim as you can see on my blog.
If your life could be a film, which would it be ? That would be "On the Road".


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